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Wildflower planting at Stanley Recreation Ground

The Stanley Wildflower Group managed to get a session of planting in on 3 November 2020 before the second Covid lockdown ensued. Social distancing measures were, of course, in effect.

The group planted over 500 native wildflower bulbs, 46 established wildflower plants and scattered some wildflower Classic Meadow Mix seeds on prepared patches within the Wildflower area. Having also been given some non-native bulbs these have been planted out just outside the established wildflower area.

Our thanks to the Planters and Givers of bulbs and seed packets to achieve the above. These were Karen S, Velma H plus helpers Isla and Ada, Susan S, Simon H, Sue G, Malcolm H, Sara S, June H, Paul and Pat C, Ant B and Jack, Ann B, and Karen T. We now wait for their efforts to show from early next year and then throughout the year.                                   

There are seed packets of mixed wild flowers left over and these are offered to anybody who will plant out a tray(s) for us for next year’s Spring planting of established plants and “bulbs in the green”.

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